Alice Holmberg

ALICE HOLMBERG. Conscious entrepreneur
“To design is to vividly experience what doesn‘t exist yet” says Alice Holmberg and as a designer and entrepreneur, she has rich scope for doing so. She is one of these big picture people who can’t just leave it alone and says she co-established an entirely new university institute because the understanding of design needed a paradigm shift, was analysing post-colonial national identity building and its personal expression out of crude curiosity, has been playing a key part in building up a London based charity, because local people’s creativity deserve a voice in change happening around them and you will find her advising start-ups simply because the world misses out without them.


Born and bred in Denmark, she has lived the last decades in Germany, Bangladesh, Greece and the UK, where she is currently based. When Alice is not with her clients, she teaches at the University of the Arts London.
Alice is a member of the German National Academic Foundation and a fellow of the British Royal Society of the Arts.
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The Happiness Architect, July 2013
Happiness Architect files_015Do the interesting thing for Happiness, The Happiness Files_015
by Taichi Fujimoto
Even though I knew Clear Village a long time ago, I couldn’t have a chance to visit them. Recently by chance I had opportunities to meet Alice and she finally invited me to visit Clear Village! Alice has spent time with me to talk about the future we want to see. How could we combine the meaning of working and living together? All necessary stuff in our lives can be chaotically mixed up into one.. read more


Coverage in The Ecologist, November 2011
The only way is Essex: the community breathing new life into a disused country estate
by Laura Sevier

In Romford, Essex, villagers are getting their hands dirty transforming a historic walled garden at Bedfords Park. If you listen carefully to the lyrics of Imogen Heap’s new song ‘Neglected Spaces’ you might hear the sound of smashing glass and references to bat’s sonar rays. ‘I’ll look after you if you look after me,’ she whispers hauntingly. The quirky multi-instrumentalist singer was inspired to write … read more


Article in the TL Magazine, October 2010
Is the human brain still functioning at the village scale?
by Alice Holmberg

Human evolution does not roll itself out at broadband speed. On the contrary, it seems to have all the time in the world and takes ages to implement even the smallest change and many scientists across the board classify our neural structures still as a “stone-age brain”.
What happens to this brain and the consequences of our behavioural patterns, once it operates in an urban landscape, at 50Gbps and has its performance measured in created economical growth? read more


Exhibition catalogue at Designtransfer, July 2008
by Karen Donndorf, Cornelia Durka, Anja Holle, Frank Steinert & Konrad Süßkow

Ist geiz geil?
Ist weniger mehr?
Muss der postmoderne Mensch sein Vermögen noch materialisieren? Postmodernismus, Postkolonialismus, Poststrukturalismus, Postsozialismus – aber leben wir auch schon in einer postmateriellen Gesellschaft? Wer weiß schon, wo seine Bekleidung hergestellt wurde? Wen interessiert das wirklich? Warum wird fast unsere ganze Bekleidung enmal halb um die Erde transportiert, ohne dass man es ihr ansieht? read more


Interview in Focus Campus, March 2007
Individualisten gegen den Mainstream
bei Katharina Rosskopf

..Und sie ist dabei Philosophin und global Denkende. Sie steht kurz vor ihrem Diplom, im Juli präsentiert sie während der Berliner Modewoche ihre Abschlusskollektion. Diese soll nicht nur ihre besten kreativen Seiten zeigen, sondern ganz nebenbei noch für eine bessere Welt werben.
“Es geht auch anders”, fordert die Individualistin gegen den gängigen Geschmack und industriellen Mainstream: “Die meisten glauben, dass es selbstverständlich ist, Mode m¨glichst billig in sogenannten Dritten Welt zu produzieren, um sie in den westlichen Ländern auf den Markt zu werfen.”..
read more


Article in Mock-up, September 2006
Weniger ist gar nichts
Über die Rückkehr des Ornaments im Zeitalter der Globalisierung.
bei Alice Holmberg

Die Dinge des Alltags sind nicht mehr und nicht weniger als die Rahmenbedingungen des menschlichen Lebens. Wenn Designer diese Dinge also gestalten, haben sie damit großen Einfluss – und auch große Verantwortung.
Design-Fragen betreffen uns im alltäglichen Leben und demnach allerorts und schon immer: more


Interview Link, April 2006

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