We can lie when we talk, we can boast up our experiences and tell wild stories. But how about the stories that we tell about ourselves without words –for example through what we wear?
This is a choice that we make every day, though some days more consciously than others, my assumption is that we cannot lye consistently over time.
That decisions made on an everyday are going to tell the truth, a truth about that person.

This is a visual representation of me taken through time via one image a day for now a year and a half ..and counting.

It turns out that this exact time also presented a couple of life changing circumstances and I’ll be analysing this content for the dynamic of identity once having gained some distance.

So is fashion our collective Freudian slip?
I’ll let you be the judge.

..to those who think “Hey, isn’t this just another exhibitistic egomanic fashionista” I can only say that you might be right, but I am genuinely researching this subject and as John Baldessari said “I was the cheapest and most available model that I could find”.

Visualisation of transition
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