Founded in the Netherlands in 2006, Buurtzorg is a unique district nursing system, which places care facilities within the community and give the district nurses the time and power to plan and deliver patient care.

Guess what, Buurtzorg works and is more cost efficient. Analyses say the largest saving comes from actually great care and a distinguishing benefit is great job satisfaction amongst the nurses. Sounds ideal.

A couple of us feel uneasy about the complexity of bureaucracy and the time spent to feed the machine, but somehow we´re all so used to it that we hardly dare to step out. But as a BBCr4 presenter Justin Webb stated this morning, the processes and management was there to prevent human failure, which it hasn´t.

Is that it? Do we as a society have to accept the advent of human failure, devolve our multi-layered management pyramids, let people get on with it and then support one another? How about it !?

Get inspired http://buurtzorgusa.org/

Dutch healthcare renegades ditch bureaucracy