This summer, I´ll be teaching Creative Resilience to professionals at the Central St Martins Summer School.
Its a week bootcamp in the week of 13 July, read on for full details or register here

This course is suitable for people mid-career who want to sharpen or form a personal focus for their work, gaining awareness of worth, capacity and strengths, or for people starting out on their career who will benefit from being conscious of the different shapes their career path can take.
The five-day course will be taught through a mixture of lectures, discussions, individual work and group collaboration. You will undertake a variety of exercises to help you think creatively about yourself and where your career is going.
“Career bootcamp – Think Creatively!” is conceived as a breather from everyday business. The goal is to enable a value balance between career and the whole person. It’s a bootcamp to create or invigorate personal career strategy and whether it ignites changes or not, you will come away with an asset map and an awareness around your own decision-making – and possibly much more, you decide!
Overarching themes are collaboration, leadership and strategy. We will analyse these from a perspectives of society, business and the individual, moving between the abstract and the tangible to establish an own position. We will also be learning from unusual success-stories, nature´s resilience strategies, contemporary culture, the value of unintended developments and power of societal narratives.
From a whole person perspective, there is more to you than your formally acquired skills. Just as well as you might have aspirations that are not directly linked to your career, but nevertheless contingent on career choices. We will be bringing these together. What does it mean for your career if, say, you wanting to spend more time outdoors, to be closer to people or become fluent in a certain subjectmatter, travel more or travel less, be more public, meeting people from different sectors, wanting to feel more ownership, focus more, or diversify. These are all valid personal drivers, but often hard to integrate in the worklife.

During the “Career bootcamp – Think Creatively!” course, we introduce tools to help taking that step back and understand the parameters of creating personal resilience. We will action-learn and apply the tools directly, once leaned, they can be taken home and reused at any time in the future.
Whether you will use the week to overhaul your career plan, create one or get ready to jump, “Career bootcamp – Think Creatively!” is here to increase the understanding what you can achieve from your career – and beyond!

Sign up to join the course at Central St Martins 13-17 July, I look forward to meeting you!

Career bootcamp – Think Creatively!